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Feedback – Michelle

Thinking of You made an order of conference bags for us. What we got were beautiful,
unique bags that people will use instead of the same old run-of-the-mill thing that you get at every event like this. The people who attended were thrilled with their bags, and we were left with the feeling of satisfaction that you can only get when you partner with a business that is ethically sound and committed to doing something right in the world. Wholeheartedly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Feedback – Kimberley

My daughter received a beautiful gift from your store for her birthday, she was a patient at LCCH at the time so the gift was personally delivered to her bedside.
The items are of great quality and the service is fantastic.
I LOVE the buntings, being able to put the childs name on them is a lovely life long treasure to have keep up the good work, was great to meet you
Highly recommend ordering via “thinking of you gift”

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Feedback – Melinda

I was very impressed with this adorable business. The friendly service, and great communication was very good. My friend’s daughter was very happy with her gift.
The breath balloons are a great idea, especially for children in hospital.
Thankyou to the ladies at ‘Thinking of You Gift’ for helping me brighten my loved ones day. I would recommend this business!

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ABC 612 Radio interview

IMG_1735 IMG_2171

It has been along while since our radio interview last month and we have taken on many new challenges, trial and tribulations.

We are both learning to understand what business can look like while juggling treatment for a chronic lung condition (Bronchiectasis)

Our customers maybe wondering why we have closed up shop a few weeks.

Simply this is our trial year.

Freya is making a new life for herself and working out what young adults do.

She has to manage treatment four times a year, two weeks at a time … that 8 weeks a year she is hooked up to antibiotics and a patient in or out of hospital.

We have transitioned to the new Young Adolescent Hospital next to the Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital and learning that her body now metabolises the antibiotics differently.

New doctors, nurses, physios and Hospital in the Home means just that ….. in your home.

Not wasting anytime we have been hiring new support staff, designing a new cabinet to make the shop set up easier and wondering if we are ready for on line sales.

Looking forward to resuming work any day now.

3 more sleeps and she is a free agent again.

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Complimentary Delivery our focus for 2016

Friday March 4th ….Its been a long time between posts and Freya and I are on a steep learning curve.

School has finished and new routines are falling into place.

Coming to work on the bus is a highlight along with a stroll at Southbank at the end of the working week.

Highlight of  the week delivering a gift to Chloe. Step found our site on the internet and on Facebook and rang through to place an order.

This was out first order for the year and is one of the key areas we want to expand on this year.

Freya is waiting to get those hula hoops out and working with every complimentary delivery.

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The New Song.. by Ruth Apelt


This is the new song… Thank you Ruth Apelt for thinking of us….
Like all the other wonderful friends who have supported us, Bubbles Lamington (Therese) Therese Evelyn Collie,Getano J Bann Clare Apelt ,Roshni The Butterfly Effect Project, Madame Lark Chreh Johnston, Jackie Trad, Julia Bell, Nadine Toussaint, Amanda Boland Pamela Harris, Through the Looking Glass for props, Megan Drew, Bruce Connell, Carolyn Varley, Marc Zande Austin, Mish Photography and if I have forgotten anyone excuse me its late and I have to open the shop tomorrow.


Thinking Of You Song     ©Ruth Apelt 2015

 I’ve been thinking of you
All day long
All the things I want to say
I’ll put them in a song
Send it out on a wing and a prayer
The things we cannot see
The gifts we give, invisible threads
Connecting you to me

Gather in this Love for you
From across the world
Wrap it up and send it on
With this girl
All the things we cannot know
The hands we cannot see
V1: The hearts that hold invisible gold/ and render alchemy
V2: The hearts that hold impossible gold/ and make it meant to be

When I dream it’s like a song
that hasn’t been written yet
In the back of my mind it lies safe and sound
and I always can find you there
There’s a place in my heart for a miracle
we can bring this song alive
For you’re whispering into the beat of my heart
and I’m right here by your side.

I’ve been thinking of you
I’ve been thinking of you
I’ve been thinking of you