Who is Freya?

From an early age she became familiar with a variety of health professionals assisting her with the very basics: walking, talking, eating. The intervention was constant.

At age ten, her loose wet cough was named as Bronchiectasis – a respiratory illness that means she must be admitted to hospital every three months for airway maintenance.

Freya’s communication and language have developed and improved far beyond expectations since she began working at the shop as business partner and retail assistant.

The extraordinary outcomes don’t end there. Freya catches the bus to work, counts the float before opening the store, meets and greets customers, and delights in delivering gifts to patients’ bedsides.

When Freya isn’t serving customers, she is screen-printing and sewing our personalised bunting range, making trips to the warehouse to pick up products, and busily pricing the stock as soon as she gets back.

What started as a spark of an idea now sees Freya’s day filled with meaningful activity at work and play, giving her a healthier life driven with purpose.

If you come to the kiosk in the morning, Freya will assist you with your purchase and also offers a bedside delivery service to children in the Queensland Children’s Hospital