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ABC 612 Radio interview

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It has been along while since our radio interview last month and we have taken on many new challenges, trial and tribulations.

We are both learning to understand what business can look like while juggling treatment for a chronic lung condition (Bronchiectasis)

Our customers maybe wondering why we have closed up shop a few weeks.

Simply this is our trial year.

Freya is making a new life for herself and working out what young adults do.

She has to manage treatment four times a year, two weeks at a time … that 8 weeks a year she is hooked up to antibiotics and a patient in or out of hospital.

We have transitioned to the new Young Adolescent Hospital next to the Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital and learning that her body now metabolises the antibiotics differently.

New doctors, nurses, physios and Hospital in the Home means just that ….. in your home.

Not wasting anytime we have been hiring new support staff, designing a new cabinet to make the shop set up easier and wondering if we are ready for on line sales.

Looking forward to resuming work any day now.

3 more sleeps and she is a free agent again.

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