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The New Song.. by Ruth Apelt

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This is the new song… Thank you Ruth Apelt for thinking of us….
Like all the other wonderful friends who have supported us, Bubbles Lamington (Therese) Therese Evelyn Collie,Getano J Bann Clare Apelt ,Roshni The Butterfly Effect Project, Madame Lark Chreh Johnston, Jackie Trad, Julia Bell, Nadine Toussaint, Amanda Boland Pamela Harris, Through the Looking Glass for props, Megan Drew, Bruce Connell, Carolyn Varley, Marc Zande Austin, Mish Photography and if I have forgotten anyone excuse me its late and I have to open the shop tomorrow.


Thinking Of You Song     ©Ruth Apelt 2015

 I’ve been thinking of you
All day long
All the things I want to say
I’ll put them in a song
Send it out on a wing and a prayer
The things we cannot see
The gifts we give, invisible threads
Connecting you to me

Gather in this Love for you
From across the world
Wrap it up and send it on
With this girl
All the things we cannot know
The hands we cannot see
V1: The hearts that hold invisible gold/ and render alchemy
V2: The hearts that hold impossible gold/ and make it meant to be

When I dream it’s like a song
that hasn’t been written yet
In the back of my mind it lies safe and sound
and I always can find you there
There’s a place in my heart for a miracle
we can bring this song alive
For you’re whispering into the beat of my heart
and I’m right here by your side.

I’ve been thinking of you
I’ve been thinking of you
I’ve been thinking of you

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